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Virtually all of them sounded significantly better. In fact I was able to engage dolby for a number of them afterwards, which really improved their overall sound. That ability really surprised me as previous to that I had only managed to be able to engage dolby on one or two of them with any success.

I ended up sacrificing a lot of tapes doing this, as I had to destroy all of the original shells to get the tape out in the first place, and then of course had no place to put the tapes afterwards, lol, but at least they are now archived safely, and really sound great.

In my case they actually sound a bit better on cd than straight off the cassette deck, as I can use a straight digital feed to my receiver from the multi-disc player, instead of the long rca's required for my tape deck. It has been great nostalgic fun listening to all of these tapes as I archive them, and I look forward to listening to the music that was on them more frequecntly now that they are on cd.

Q-Authority , Feb 20, I hope this thread is still active, because I'm having the same problem now October 2, A friend lent me a precious pre-recorded Philips-style cassette I am to dub to MP3 without damaging it, but when I try to play it, it slows down erratically and stops, probably because the capstan is slipping on the tape. I've tried it on three 3 different cassette decks with the same sad results on each. A different pre-recorded tape plays perfectly on all three decks.

My problem cassette easily fast-forwards and rewinds, and it also moves freely and easily when I advance it manually by turning a Bic pen in the take-up spool. The tape has been stored for years in a dry environment. What can I try next? Rich Pasco , Oct 3, Try lightly scraping the pressure pad with a razor blade to "rough it up" a bit. Sometimes the pad develops a thin hard coating that prevents good tape travel.

In 15 years I've digitized hundreds of cassettes, and only ever had one tape beat me, which was a Rosicrucian information tape. Nothing would play it. Tried every trick in the book. I even sliced the pressure pad to make it thinner. JBStephens , Oct 3, Just received an entire collection of USA Beatles cassettes. Having a similiar problem with warbly sound. Interestingly, they play best on my vintage Sony Walkman cassette player. On my JVC dual cassette recording deck, the tapes start screeching when the drag starts.

Transferring the tape to a new cassette body didn't help Solution was transferring just the tape to new hubs in a new body. Unfortunately, I discarded the old hubs, so I'm not able to examine them to see what the problem is. It might be that some of the spokes are fat or otherwise defective and inserting the cassette pushed the hub against the side of the cassette body.

Screeching solutions that worked for me: a. Use just a little of the above-mentioned white grease forced into the cassette at the hubs.

Lot of great solutions here-- but so frustrating. I'm definitely on the side of crappy EMI cassettes. I got the Capitol "Sinatra Years" three-cassette set back in as a gift and it got me through some tough times -- until a Pioneer car cassette deck ate the first cassette It was from this that in medieval and modern times album came to denote a book of blank pages in which verses, autographs, sketches, photographs and the like are collected.

In the early nineteenth century "album" was occasionally used in the titles of some classical music sets, such as Schumann 's Album for the Young Opus 68, a set of 43 short pieces. When 78rpm records came out, the popular inch disc could only hold about three minutes of sound per side, so almost all popular recordings were limited to around three minutes in length.

For example, in , George Gershwin recorded a drastically shortened version of the seventeen-minute Rhapsody in Blue with Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra. German record company Odeon released the Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky in on 4 double-sided discs in a specially designed package. By about , bound collections of empty sleeves with a paperboard or leather cover, similar to a photograph album, were sold as record albums that customers could use to store their records the term "record album" was printed on some covers.

These albums came in both inch and inch sizes. The covers of these bound books were wider and taller than the records inside, allowing the record album to be placed on a shelf upright, like a book, suspending the fragile records above the shelf and protecting them. Most albums included three or four records, with two sides each, making six or eight compositions per album.

The term "album" was extended to other recording media such as Compact audio cassette , compact disc , MiniDisc , and digital albums, as they were introduced. An album may contain as many or as few tracks as required. In the United States, The Recording Academy 's rules for Grammy Awards state that an album must comprise a minimum total playing time of 15 minutes with at least five distinct tracks or a minimum total playing time of 30 minutes with no minimum track requirement.

The album Dopesmoker by Sleep contains only a single track, but the composition is over 63 minutes long.

There are no formal rules against artists such as Pinhead Gunpowder referring to their own releases under thirty minutes as "albums". If an album becomes too long to fit onto a single vinyl record or CD, it may be released as a double album where two vinyl LPs or compact discs are packaged together in a single case, or a triple album containing three LPs or compact discs.

Recording artists who have an extensive back catalogue may re-release several CDs in one single box with a unified design, often containing one or more albums in this scenario, these releases can sometimes be referred to as a "two or three -fer" , or a compilation of previously unreleased recordings. These are known as box sets. Some musical artists have also released more than three compact discs or LP records of new recordings at once, in the form of boxed sets, although in that case the work is still usually considered to be an album.

Material music or sounds is stored on an album in sections termed tracks, normally 11 or 12 tracks. A music track often simply referred to as a track is an individual song or instrumental recording.

The term is particularly associated with popular music where separate tracks are known as album tracks; the term is also used for other formats such as EPs and singles. When vinyl records were the primary medium for audio recordings a track could be identified visually from the grooves and many album covers or sleeves included numbers for the tracks on each side.

On a compact disc the track number is indexed so that a player can jump straight to the start of any track. On digital music stores such as iTunes the term song is often used interchangeably with track regardless of whether there is any vocal content.

A bonus track also known as a bonus cut or bonus is a piece of music which has been included as an extra. This may be done as a marketing promotion, or for other reasons. It is not uncommon to include singles as bonus tracks on re-issues of old albums, where those tracks weren't originally included. Online music stores allow buyers to create their own albums by selecting songs themselves; bonus tracks may be included if a customer buys a whole album rather than just one or two songs from the artist.

The song is not necessarily free nor is it available as a stand-alone download, adding also to the incentive to buy the complete album. In contrast to hidden tracks , bonus tracks are included on track listings and usually do not have a gap of silence between other album tracks.

Bonus tracks on CD or vinyl albums are common in Japan for releases by European and North American artists; since importing international copies of the album can be cheaper than buying a domestically-released version, Japanese releases often feature bonus tracks to incentivize domestic purchase. Commercial sheet music are published in conjunction with the release of a new album studio, compilation, soundtrack, etc.

A matching folio songbook is a compilation of the music notation of all the songs included in that particular album. It typically has the album's artwork on its cover and, in addition to sheet music, it includes photos of the artist. Vinyl LP records have two sides, each comprising one-half of the album. If a pop or rock album contained tracks released separately as commercial singles , they were conventionally placed in particular positions on the album.

Today, many commercial albums of music tracks feature one or more singles, which are released separately to radio, TV or the Internet as a way of promoting the album. Double albums during the Seventies were sometimes sequenced for record changers. In the case of a two-record set, for example, sides 1 and 4 would be stamped on one record, and sides 2 and 3 on the other.

The user would stack the two records onto the spindle of an automatic record changer, with side 1 on the bottom and side 2 on the other record on top. Side 1 would automatically drop onto the turntable and be played.

Also, clean the capstan and pinch roller on your preferred deck before playing. I am a bit cack-handed, so don't want to transfer to new shells. I removed the tape and put it in a new cassette case, but it wasn't So High - Tom Skeemask - Solo Tape (Cassette complete "fix". I Album) the tape composition used by Ampex is at fault. Scroll to continue with content. Virtually all of them sounded significantly better. It might be that some of the spokes are fat or otherwise defective and inserting the cassette pushed the hub against the side of the cassette body. Contact us for anything special, keeping in mind there are minimum order quantities from paper suppliers.
Yenshu Tsubamé Gaeshi - Kazumi Watanabe - Mobo (Vinyl, LP, Album), Paid In Full - Various - Rappers Delight (CD), Usual Situation - Shakatak - Invitations (Vinyl, LP, Album), Come Chill Wit Me - Earwax - The Quest (CDr, Album), Questa E Sparta - Perturbazione - Musica X (CD, Album)

8 thoughts on “So High - Tom Skeemask - Solo Tape (Cassette, Album)

  1. Stream Tom Skeemask - Solo Tape (), a playlist by Memphis Underground Tapes from desktop or your mobile device. SoundCloud Tom Skeemask - Solo Shits So Thick (Intro) by Memphis Underground Tapes published on TZ. Interlude1 by Memphis Underground Tapes.
  2. Explore releases from Tom Skeemask at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Tom Skeemask at the Discogs Marketplace. Tom Skeemask: Solo Tape ‎ (Cass, Album) Gangsta Shit Productions: none: US: Sell This Version: Why isn't either of his "Solo Tape" releases (, ) on here? Reply Notify me 4 Helpful.
  3. As the leading figure in DJ Squeeky's Mo Cheda camp, Tom Skeemask spent years as a legend in the Memphis, TN, rap scene before extending his reach to a national audience. His first big release, 2 Wild.
  4. Tom Jones - Move Closer - Cassette tape album - Music collection int. £ 2d 4h + £ postage. Make offer - Tom Jones - Move Closer - Cassette tape album - Music collection int. Tom Jones. Cassette tape. Made In Australia. £ + £ postage.
  5. Jul 04,  · According to the band, this album was released on cassette in , and only 33 copies were ever made. They recorded this self-released cassette as a trio before deciding to transform the group into a large band.
  6. Jim Nabors Sings your all time favorites Tape 3 cassette tape RARE Album Music. £ + £ postage. Make offer - Jim Nabors Sings your all time favorites Tape 3 cassette tape RARE Album Music. TIME LIFE "GREAT MEN OF MUSIC" 4 CASSETTES SET .

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